Saint Barry by Gastrology

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Saint Barry is a great haunt for locals to enjoy wine and a good brew over shared dishes.

Perfect for an afternoon soiree, the eatery boasts a range of craft beers and ciders, as well as wines (including on tap – for those so inclined).

The food offering supports the main impetus of enjoying the good life with food perfect for sharing curated by Spyros Vrakas (Press Club, Hellenic Republic).

Owner Peter Sprekos is a gracious host, welcoming locals and lovingly preparing you your daily hit of caffeine using their shiny new MAVAM espresso machine.

We enjoyed sharing a few of their smaller plates to start. An absolute favourite was the Grilled mushrooms, spices, cumin and yogurt. We loved the inclusion of exotic varieties of mushrooms all cooked beautifully.

For something more substantial, the Grilled salmon with herb couscous is a healthy and well-prepared option in amongst the heartier dude-food range.

Saint Barry pleases with a great range of options to suit most within comfortable and relaxing surrounds.

Location: 595 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills
Phone: 03 9836 0411


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